Joan's Bisque Be'Be's

Joan Benzell, Doll Artist

Bride Dolls

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                      Joanne                     Erin                     Candy

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                       Lisa                     Maureen                 Chris

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                       Dana                   Allie                 Tara


                        Kathie                                     Peggy Sue

The above Dolls are recreations of gowns actually worn by beautiful human brides.  The dolls are approximately five and one half inches to five and three quarter inches based on one inch to a foot (one inch scale).

The dolls are made of porcelain bisque.   This includes an upper torso with a swivel head, arms and legs.  The doll is assembled on a wire armature and wrapped with cotton yarn to form the lower torso and legs.  The arms are applied using the same procedure.  The doll can be positioned to adapt in any setting.

The clothing is applied beginning with under garments which are made of fine Swiss Batiste or lawn.  It is then trimmed with delicate cotton lace and sometimes silk ribbon.  A pattern is individually drafted for each dress.  The pattern is designed as accurately as possible in one inch scale.   Usually the dresses are made from silk tissue taffeta or silk satin.  Fine laces are applied along with any other embellishments.  The veil is designed to look like the original.  Finally the flowers are duplicated to the likeness of the bridal bouquet.

The hair is styled to look like the Bride on the most special day of her life.  Appropriate jewelry is also applied to the doll if required.

Dolls can be displayed in a variety of ways.   Sometimes a bride wants a mirrored display case.  This is a great way of showing the back of the gown.

Domes are popular and come in a variety of sizes.  Shadow boxes and dimensional memory frames are very trendy today.  Most of all, your doll should be protected in some sort of a covered environment.

What I need from you to give you a cost proposal:

My schedule is established at least one year in advance.  This includes shows; doll orders; programs and lectures.  My policy is as follows:

1.  Clear DETAILED photo of gown, full front and back including train.  Head piece and veil, front and back.

2.  Style of bouquet--example, nosegay, cascade, presentation.  ($30.-$50.)

3.  Type of fabric and color--white, candlelight, ecru, blush.

4.  Deposit--$50.00 at time of order, balance due upon completion.  An additional $8.50 is required for packaging, shipping and insurance.

5.  Cost--Every bridal gown is different.  Some are plain, some more elaborate.  Prices range from $165.00 to $350.00.

6.  Head pieces start at $30.00 and increase depending on the detail and time involved.

7.  Any other details such as:  jewelry, prayer book, purse or any other special accessory.

These dolls are made in a likeness of the bride.  The finest fabrics, laces and ribbons/embellishments are used.  Your doll will become a very special heirloom.  Upon request a groom and other members of the bridal party are available.

Additional costs are the bouquet and display items you select.  E-MAIL